Bloom Skincare specializes in professional hair removal. We use the highest quality waxing products to minimize irritation, along with the utmost sensitivity and discretion during all procedures.

Eyebrow $25 Underarms $20
Upper Lip $15 Half Arms $30
Chin $15 Full Arms $45
Sideburns $20 Half Legs (lower or upper) $45
Full Face $50 Full Legs $75
Women’s Basic Bikini $35 Men’s Partial Back $40
Women’s Extended Bikini $45 Men’s Full Back $55
Women’s Brazilian Bikini
(all off or landing strip)
$65 Men’s Chest $55


Please inform us if you are using any retinols, glycolics, anti-aging products, or antibiotics such as Accutane, Retin-A, or Tetracycline that might affect skin sensitivity. Parental consent is required for all waxing services performed on clients under the age of 18. Must be over 18, regardless, for Brazilian Bikini waxing.